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Airsplat Reviews

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  • Unbelievably bad customer service

    Sent an airsoft rifle back for service almost a month ago. My son got this for Christmas and used it twice before it broke. I received the RMA and followed their instructions to a tee. Included a postal money order for the $50 stated in the box with the returned rifle. RMA stated that every effort is made to fix and ship the product back within 2 to 3 days. Approximately 1 and 1/2 weeks went by, so I had my son call to check on the status. He was told that a part was needed so it would take a couple more days, but he should have the rifle back in 3 to 4 days. Another week went by and... More...
  • Airsplat best warranty in the business NOT

    To whom it may concern, I would like to say that I am very unhappy with the way this RMA has been handled, and how Airsplat has blamed a defective rifle on me the customer. I first contacted the technical support department and explained what happened and agreed to send the rifle back I had requested a refund because I did not feel the rifle was a quality product but I found out quickly that Airsplat was not concerned about making the customer happy. I sent the rifle back and after several weeks it was returned to me with a wonderful explanation saying it was my fault that the rifle... More...
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    rtzzfender2's Picture   rtzzfender2    0 Comments   Comments
  • Airsplat is deceptive, dishonest and untrustworthy

    Paid for expedited shipping of airsoft gun at Christmas time. Was excited to see package shipped right away. Only thing in the box were bb's and an autoloader. Gun was on backorder per packing slip. Called next day line was busy all day. Next day got through and was told wont be in until next week. I said Id pay next day shipping. Rep said not sure what day would arrive, call back. Called back next week and line was busy all first day. 2nd day got through to hold que. Was in hold que for 20 min. Line rang and went to voice mail. Voice mail was full. Sent email to service that day.... More...
    mojobobo's Picture   mojobobo    0 Comments   Comments
  • Unless something changes they'll never get my business again!

    DISHONEST WEBSITE FRAUDULENT CLAIMS NO RESPONSE FROM CUSTOMER SERVICE I have not even received my package yet, but I would warn anyone away from buying from Airsplat. So far my two emails to customer service have gone unanswered, and my package has not been shipped. They guarantee that your package will be shipped in 24 hours, yet mine was ordered on 11/29/13 and here we are on 10/05/13 and it has still not been turned over to UPS for shipment. My brother just received his order after a similar wait only to find that the gun that they had listed as "In Stock" and "Ships... More...
  • Worst Company Ever

    Orders are guaranteed to ship out within 24 Hours. All items ordered were shown to be in stock. I placed a $500.00 order on 8/21/2013 After not hearing from them after 4 days I contacted them. The first idiot I got was Michael, an idiot in training. Michael told me that one of the main pieces (a Glock type handgun) was backordered. After hanging up on that idiot & calling back, the second person I spoke to said that a different non important piece (a magazine for the Glock) was out of stock. I asked them to ship out the rest of the order. Today on 8/28/2013 after still not... More...
    electrojoc's Picture   electrojoc    1 Comments   Comments
  • Never received Item, will not give refund.

    If I could give a ZERO rating I would. I wish I saw these ratings before ordering from them. Customer service is horrible. Here's my story. Ordered HK 416 CQB airsoft rifle and $40 battery via website. Had it shipped UPS 2nd day air so I can get it for Labor day weekend. The package arrived. They only used one strip of packing tape to secure each end of the long box. Of course the tape isn't going to hold. So there's a gap and tear on one end of the box. I noticed also that the gun box inside was moving freely. Gun box was only packed with maybe two sheets of... More...
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    motu70's Picture   motu70    3 Comments   Comments

    I bought an airsoft gun from air splat online.Money disappeared from my Visa quickly.Went online to check on the progress of my order,all I got was "enter valid order number"Tried about 8 times,same result.tried again 2 days later,same result.Tried phoning,first number doesn't work,second phone number connected to an automated phone system,waited 10 to 15 minutes(obviously my call wasn't that important).Finally got leave a message at the beep.PROBLEM,no beep they just hung up on me,either these people are rank amateurs,incompetent or a fraud,take your pick.If you plan on... More...
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    gregory13's Picture   gregory13    1 Comments   Comments
  • Great service and products at airsplat!

    I have made multiple orders from AirSplat and not once have they failed me. When browsing through their product you can find great quality items with even better prices. Also, during check out, everything is very understandable and secure (no confusion so you don't mess up). But it's not all about their system, their service is great too! If you have a problem they will quickly offer solutions most fit and convieniant for you. They're also quick to respond to emails fax's etc. airsplat is a great company and even better supplier for airsoft! More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    Waffles4900's Picture   Waffles4900    0 Comments   Comments
  • Scrapyard item purchase

    Upon my first ordering from Airsplat, I was pleasantly surprised by how helpful the man on the phone was. For my first purchase, I was getting MANBAY 165, a scrapyard item to work on. The process was simple and fast, and I got my item within the shipping time. While I do wish that scrapyard items could be purchased online, I do recognize the fact that having a call-in order prevents a buyer accidentally purchasing a sold item. More...
    halfaura's Picture   halfaura    0 Comments   Comments
  • Great experience

    So I have recently had a great experience dealing with . I have been using these guys for a few years now with no issues and always a pleasurable experience. Recently when I purchased from them I had several questions about a product and had a chance to deal with one of their customer service reps(forget the name) but they were more than happy to answer all my questions and they even pointed out to me that there are tons of videos on their website to help answer a myriad of questions if I have any and they are not available. I would recommend this company to anyone and I would... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    subcadet21's Picture   subcadet21    0 Comments   Comments
  • Airspat hasn't sent all my items - 33 DAYS LATER!

    I ordered over $100 in guns from airsplat. The next day I got an email asking for a shipping address because my billing address was a P.O. Box. I replyed within 9 minutes, and got an email back later that day saying it would be shipped asap. A week later it still hadn't been shipped so I started calling and emailing, it did finally get out and I recieved it 14 days after it was purchased. HOWEVER, one of the guns was missing, and another appreared to be used, or refurbished at best. I immediately began calling and emailing again, and after 4 more days I got an email saying someone... More...
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    aziesmer's Picture   aziesmer    1 Comments   Comments
  • Airsplat

    Airsplat review as a company. Airsplat, Located in 3809 Durbin St. Irwindale, CA 91706, 120 Andover Park E. #160 Seattle, Washington 98188, and on the internet (of corse). Now most of only see as Airsplat. If you ever have a chance to get into on of the above listed store fronts do it. It is a must. The drool will not stop till you wife drags you out to mow the law or some thing. For the ladies that would be "drooling" good for you. Dont let you man pull you out. More ladies need to play! As a company there web page (from the 10% of it I have seen and I have... More...
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    JohnathanCox's Picture   JohnathanCox    0 Comments   Comments
  • Its's a gamble.

    Airsplat, has inanely flabbergasting deals! If you need something cheap, you should always look up airsplat. I've always taken gambles with them with all my purchases, and calls. So far I've never had an issue or problem, the customer service literally stayed with me for about 45 minutes trying to help me fix my aeg, all happily! The shipping, you can hold your breath and it'll be at your door. (you get my point)(Live in Florida)Honestly, IM GLAD i'm in an airsplat team. They're just like the most reliable teammate, that never seems to fail (; More...
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    samgoeshm's Picture   samgoeshm    0 Comments   Comments
  • Wouldn't refund money, sent wrong items...TWICE!

    I hope AirSplat goes under hard. April I order a G36 Magazine. Instead I receive a M4 magazine. Understandable mistake, honest mistake. THey're both magpul pts 120rd mags - and look almost identical. the only difference was how it clips into a rifle. So I return it for an exchange, 2 weeks later - nothing. I call they said it's out of stock, no courtesy email or anything. So I say just gimme a refund then. She says ok. a week later - no refund. I call - they said it was partially processed and they'll have a supervisor finish the transaction I'll have my money in 3-5... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    Henners's Picture   Henners    1 Comments   Comments
  • Airsplat would not fix or return parts

    I purchased a KHW M4 which had a problem with the bolt. When I contacted them they told me how to fix the problem, which made it worse. I sent the gun back to them (with all the parts) and they told me their recommended modification voided the warranty and they would not fix the gun. Add to this they did not (nor ever did) return any of the other parts other than the nonfunctional gun. After about I year I gave up calling the purchase a total loss. More...
    (Repair Services)
    reviewer2's Picture   reviewer2    0 Comments   Comments
  • Customer service could use some improvement...

    A few days ago, I had emailed Airsplat's Support Department, stating that I would like to make an exchange for one of my orders that I had received a few weeks ago. In their return policy details page, they said to email them at if you wish to return your item, which I did. They also stated that a reply should be sent with an RMA number in approximately 24 hours or less, excluding weekends and holidays. I never got a response. The day I sent the email was on a Thursday. That certainly was not a day on the weeken, and there was no holiday on that day. So I decided... More...
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    AaronK47's Picture   AaronK47    1 Comments   Comments
  • won't return ship back to us

    An airsoft rifle purchased from Airsplat was shipped to Washington from my son's uncle in California. After having it for a short while, we found a defect and paid for the shipping back to Airsplat, Now Airsplat refuses to return the rifle to us stating it is their policy not to ship to a non-registered address, even when the address that we shipped it from was from Washington and my son's uncle corresponded directly with them and the flatly refused to ship it to Washington. It is exceedingly clear that their policy was totally inflexible and, despite sufficient evidence that no... More...
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    dchung's Picture   dchung    3 Comments   Comments
  • Horrible customer service

    So I ordered a gun (mk1 m249) and paid $213 (the gun was on sale). I sent it back because it fired at random even when I wa not pulling the trigger. They told me I could get a refund, gun of equal value, or the same product. After telling them th new gun I wanted, they sent an email saying that we only paid $170 (the new gun I wanted cost $200) after sending them a picture of our receipt, they took 2 weeks to respond, to which they said call them. So I did, to which they said they were deducting %15 because I "urinated" on the box... So it's been 7 months an I still... More...
    Turdjag's Picture   Turdjag    0 Comments   Comments
  • Airsplat return issue

    Ordered 3 guns direct from Airsplat, It arrived in a box all wrapped together. Opened box noticed pistol silencer was broken off barrel still in pkg. I emailed airsplat and they responded stating I could send it back for review and refund or repair/replacement. Thats the same policy if you simply dont like it. Sounds nice but mine arrived broken and they still expected me to pay return shipping so they could review it. I"m guessing not a lot of returns this way as a $20 gun cost $11 to return it for a refund exchange even if it arrives broke. That's pathetic! States file a claim... More...
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    Edmedders's Picture   Edmedders    4 Comments   Comments
  • great!

    I received my first aeg, the dboys scar-l, for my birthday in january. It was shipped surprisingly fast considering that we live in Wisconsin. But a week after arriving the gear box got locked, and the hop up adjustment wheel became stuck so that it couldn't turn. I emailed and they said that locked gearboxes weren't covered under warranty but they said that they would fix it for me anyway. : ) So I sent it in but when it came back they forgot to fix the stuck hop up. : ( So i emailed again and they said that i could exchange it for the... More...
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    Baconstrips77's Picture   Baconstrips77    0 Comments   Comments
  • great!

    Thank you for asking. I would like to share my experience with you. I received my first aeg, the dboys scar-l, for my birthday in january. It was shipped surprisingly fast considering that we live in Wisconsin. But a week after arriving the gear box got locked, and the hop up adjustment wheel became stuck so that it couldn't turn. I emailed and they said that locked gearboxes weren't covered under warranty but they said that they would fix it for me anyway. : ) So I sent it in but when it came back they forgot to fix the stuck hop up. : ( So i emailed... More...
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    Baconstrips77's Picture   Baconstrips77    0 Comments   Comments
  • Airsplat

    Airsplat is the best place to buy airsoft. The prices are unmatched anywhere else, great customer service, and quick delivery. One of my friends gun's didn't work so he called and they quickly gave him another one for free. I am a fairly serious airsofter and Airsplat has the best variety of guns I've ever seen from cheap springs to guns used by the military Airsplat is the best. Even if you lose some pieces they will give you a new one. My only problem is that they don't have older gun models like civil war guns. More...
    letters25's Picture   letters25    0 Comments   Comments
  • I Love Airsplat!

    I have bought 2 guns and a ton of gear from in the past year. Every time I place an order, its on my doorstep within days. All of the tactical gear was great quality and stellar prices. The guns I picked up were PERFECT! I mean, it's Airsoft, I know what I'm buying, but after some very minor adjustments I am armed and ready. More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    DofMNB's Picture   DofMNB    0 Comments   Comments
  • Airsplat is the pits

    My son got a gun from them for Christmas. It shot 3 plastic pellets, then died. The battery wouldn't charge, and when we contacted them they told us the many ways we were supposed to dismantle the gun to trouble shoot the problem. When it still didn't work they told us it had to be in pristine, unaltered condition to exchange it. We sent it back anyway since this useless thing won't work, and are keeping our fingers crossed. My son is crushed - it's really all he wanted for Christmas. Avoid this company - they are the pits. More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    amyleecp's Picture   amyleecp    2 Comments   Comments
  • AWESOME is a great place to buy airsoft guns because of many things. To start off, they offer much lower prices than some places. And I know everyone says that, but a certain website that will not be named sells the same gun as Airsplat. They sell it for $100. Guess how much Airsplat sells it for? $65! (In case you care, the gun is the M4 3181) They also have lots of discounts and deals and a low (and sometimes free) shipping price. They also have lots of videos showing their guns so you know what you're getting. Lastly, if a gun gets out of stock, it goes back in stock... More...
    declanw73's Picture   declanw73    0 Comments   Comments
  • store

    this is a very cool store on line they are reliable with excellent customer service I have buying from them since last year , I been in this field for quit a while and used to shop in dif stores, but airsplat have bought me with their good prices, so far I had place five orders each one is been in a rise, that thank's on my trustability to the store and personal, all my orders have been perfect arriving on time and safe , proffessionaly packed with any complaintsnow the are saying they will get me a gift card so I'm going to see if they are really what tey 're saying , so far... More...
  • Airsoft Products

    I checked out several airsoft websites and decided to give AirSplat a try. I was surprised that their prices were considerably lower for green gas compared to what I found locally where I live. I purchased green gas, silicone oil and bb's. My order was processed, shipped and delivered in a few days. I received my complete order and everything arrived wrapped and adequately protected. I've used all the products I ordered and haven't had any problems. I think AirSlat's prices are very reasonable, they are quick getting your order out, and the shipping is fast. I... More...
    (Entertainment, Movies, Events)
    dogcar55's Picture   dogcar55    0 Comments   Comments

    Airsplat sent me a USED and Broken gun as a replacement to another gun that was broken. I called them THE DAY that i recevied the Airsoft gun and informed them they sent me a USED product and that it was broken. I was told they would send me a shipping label to ship it back and give me a credit. This was OBVIOUSLY THEIR MISTAKE. They never did send it. That was approx. 30 emails ago. They refuse to respond and they refuse to do the right thing. It has now been over 30 days since they sent me a USED PRODUCT. More...

    This company is the worst company I have ever dealt with, and I before I explain, I gave them every opportunity to correct their mistake. They have chosen to IGNORE the situation in hopes it just goes away. I ordered a gun for my son's birthday. It was used ONCE and it broke. They were fine when I contacted them the first time and paid the $15 to send it back. I was told we could pick a different model if we wanted. So we picked a model that was actually CHEAPER than the previous gun. No credit was given. The "new" gun arrived on 8/4/11 only to find that the... More...
  • Better customer service please

    This review has been resolved or replied to by this company. Airsplat is ok. I wouldn't recommend buying airsoft guns from the website because most of the time, they're not what you think, or get damaged sometimes in the process (and its UPS or USP that does the damage I believe). I only order accessories and/or equipment such as magazines, scopes, and upgrades for your gun. I wouldn't go to high on any prices because customer service is horrible and it feels like they don't care about anything. A gun I ordered came in broke and customer service never returned my calls or replied to my emails, leaving my nephew very disappointed.... More...
    junebug0924's Picture   junebug0924    1 Comments   Comments
  • Airsplat Horrible

    The gun quit functioning the first day after I received it. I returned it for a refund, following all of the steps I was told to. I told the people in every email and every phone conversation that the orange tip had to be removed in order to use the supressor which came with the gun, and after all of this was sent an email I would receive a refund. Being as this was a birthday present for my son, when I received this email I purchased him a new gun. Then I received an email that the gun had been fixed and shipped back. After following up on this I was told the gun was shipped back because... More...
    jtbone0's Picture   jtbone0    3 Comments   Comments
  • Airsplat

    Airsplat has the best quality, period. The wide range of guns, gear, and BB's they sell give you many choices, and it's hard to make a wrong one. One thing that impressed me was how high-quality their BB's were! They were polished, smooth, and with a true shot to them. The only thing that impressed me more was their shipping quality: Ground shipping from East to West coast took only six days! I have never been more impressed. Airsplat has found themselves another addition to their long list of satisfied, dedicated customers! More...
    Dantep's Picture   Dantep    0 Comments   Comments

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AirSplatSuks says: (6 years ago)
Airsplat sucks I got there Jackpot in a Box 7 and I charged the battery for an hour or so. I took a few test shots and the battery died after 1 shot Im going to return the gun soon and get a damn refund!

harryman says: (9 years ago)
Worst ever online purchase I've ever experienced. Dishonest in every way you can think of.Sent the wrong item that was missing parts, replaced it with the right one this time damaged and also missing parts.Customer service is feeble minded and rude.The owner must be a real piece of work.Don't buy from them !!

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